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Love is not blind, love sees but doesn't mind
This quote does not exist.
wow , can you belive some people. sheesh.

Value the people who sacrifice

something for you, because maybe

that something was their



The sun is like a huge sign saying "don't leave your house" to me.
As cheesy as it may sound:

I just like to make people smile. That's what I want

to do when I get older. I want to make people smile.

I want my music to make people smile. I want

people to watch radom videos of me and smile. I

want people to feel happy and stop thinking all

these negative thoughts.

All I want to do is make people smile...

Recent studys show that I hate everything.
This quote does not exist.
a relationship witout trust is like a phone without service.
and what do you do with a phone with no service?
you just play games.

♥/ This life would kill me if I didn’t have you
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