Quotes added on Thursday, January 3 2013

Dear Kailee (bunnylover43)

So... I'm actually going to post your birthday letter tomorrow, because I was writing it on here but them i accidentally clicked out (-_-), and so I'm going to handwrite it, and then type it, so it doesn't change from the original one. So, well, Happy Birthday anyway(: I love you so much. I'm probably going to get into the letter if I continue so I should end this little writing announcement thingy..

Happy Birthday. ♥


Taylor (BlackGlitter4)

P.S- Your birthday present from me is eating 900 calories. I know you'd want me to eat more, but this is the best i can do right now. ♥

But you don't know what it's like,
to wake up in the middle of the night,
scaring the thought of kissing razors.

-Pierce The Veil.

The people we love will never understand
how much we lovw them and
how willing we are to do anything
just to make them stay.

watching the notebook with my freinds <3 :D 
I thought I was in love, but it was all in my head. He loved me, but I never really loved him. Does that make me feel good? No. But now I'm happier. Happier than I was with him.

SMOOCHIE!!!!!!!!!!!Fav if you just said that in your head in Honey Boo Boo's mom's voice :)

Ever wonder why you're not good enough, why people would go out of their way to put you down?
Why you're so disrespected, so misunderstood?
Stop wondering, and start realizing.
You're an amazing human being, you're beautiful.
Never let someone change your prospective on life!
Do you ever wonder if someone thinks of you at night?
I wonder if he's up all night imagining I'm there beside him.
He called me cute >> its been forever sense he has called me that because of what happened to me with shawn . Johnny seriously knows how to make me smile but were so fighting next time i see him . 
I really cried at the end of titanic :'(
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