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ignorance is bliss
Is it just me or are the number of “if this post gets ___ notes I won’t kill myself” increasing daily. Maybe it’s jut me…
He's just a young boy.
He's having problems with his heart.
His lips are turning blue because of the oxygen loss.
He's at the hospital.
He's worried as much as his family.
He's my best friend's little brother.
And we're so close he's practically my brother.
I love him and I want him to be safe.
Even if you don't pray, just keep him in your mind,
and just say good luck.

Because I can't bear the thought of him not getting through this.

        "  Vegans feel bad for animals
                             SO THEY EAT VEGGIES  
yet end up eating the animals' food.

Aren't the animals screwed anyway? "

                    My boyfriend & I DIED of laughter.

[ n m f ]
Maybe it was meant to be this way,
Just to see if we can last under a lot of pressure...
365 Days | Haiku


Gasping on the floor

Tally marks burn for each mistake

Love, when will this end?

I'm missing something,
O yeah, I'm missing my polar bear,
I'm looking for it for a few minutes, and then I run upstairs,
Only to find my sister cuddling with it and won't give it back,
Only me...
I need you in my life
or I'm not alright.
So don't walk away
I won't be okay if you do.
I just don't wanna lose you...
To kill pain with another kind of pain, this is the one thing I know best. To bleed out the sorrow and kill the thoughts just for a moment. 
But then the pain, and sorrow and the thoughts come creeping back in, slowly, like darkness they surround me. It leaves me empty inside, empty and numb I give into the blade. 
Pain, pain, it’s here to stay. 
And the thoughts, they demand to be heard, somedays I wake up and I’m surprised I’m still alive.
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