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when in doubt.. quote mean girls  
~Two hands can make a differance, a heart can change the world~
*Me in PE* 
There goes the ball
Along with all the f/cks i give
She paints a pretty picture,
But her story has a twist.
Her paintbrush is her razor,
& her canvas is her wrist.
She paints her pretty picture,
In a colour that’s blood red.
While using her sharp paint brush,
She finally ends up dead.
Her pretty pictures fading,
Quite slowly on her arm.
The blood is not racing through her,
She can no longer do harm.
She painted her pretty picture,
But her picture had a twist.
You see her mind was a razor,
& her heart was her wrist.

It only takes a second to show someone how you feel about them,

The police call it indecent exposure but whatever.....
Hey Everyone!  Okay so I am going to attempt to write a story called The Escape, I'm not sure if it will be good so I'm sorry if its not!  And also I'm not sure if I will go through with it or if you guys will like it, but we will have to see... Hope you enjoyy!
I think I need someone to talk to. Even if it's not about the problems I'm going through right now, I just need someone to keep me company while I sort everything out.
No guy has every treated me this way and I just want you to know that
you mean the world to me.

What's the point
of cute boys if I can't have any of them?

it really annoys me when people say hmu.;
like okay ill hit you up...
 up side the 


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