Quotes added on Sunday, January 6 2013

"I know you're going through a tough time right now,

And that I give you a lot of crap,

but I just wanted you to know,

that when it really comes down to it,

I'm here for you.

I've got your back."



Thanks for being my escape from the real life.


Me because I hate the real world.

People of Witty,

Thanks for being so nice and I love ALL of you! I always come on here to let my feelings out and I know  I can talk to you guys. Thanks :))


Me because you guys are amazing 

And I cant help but wonder

if you feel the same way



random girl: what are you gonna do now?
tommy: im gonna go home, get a bottle, get my blankie, and take a nap nap.
random girl: will you ever come back? when?
tommy: maybe tomorrow
So one of the more provocative girls on my Facebook decided to post a status informing the rest of us that she may be soon working Mcdonalds.
Immediantly, i was reminded of one quote found here on Witty that joked about how people with "swag" usually end up working at these fast food chains.
And as I'm going through the comments...
Person 1: Do you have enough swag?
Provocative Girl: Do you have enough swag to question my swag?

I'm sure this will help her to achieve the "employee of the year" award
This quote does not exist.
I'm what some of you would consider popular
or whatever. I've been told at school I'm in that "popular group."
Yeah, I'm not the ugliest person ever.
Yeah, I have friends.
Yeah, some guys "like" me. I know that.
But I still get lonely.
Friend: Hey, can I come over?

Me: Um, I think. Wait.

Me: Oh, sorry, ask later, my mom's in a bad mood. ;)

Rugrats is my kid show.
it makes me stay young forever. infact i know a girl just like angelica. and a boy just like tommy.

I don't think I like you.
I like the idea of having you to call mine.
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