Quotes added on Monday, January 7 2013

that AWKWARD moment when you
read a quote & you really like it,
and then you realize its taylor swifts quote...😳

If stupid was attractive, you would be the sexiest person alive.

...when your 


is so advanced, even you mistake
it for being 


my quote/my format (:

Every woman
deserves a man who looks at her every day
like it's the first day he saw her.


I couldn't even take my own advice: guys lie.
Please people check out my last quote I really need help:'(
Truth 6#: what to do when the earth is gonna explode.

Find a hichigcer and get the hell out of there!!!!
My quote us in the third page of top quotes. So... who wants an autograph?!
This quote does not exist.
Okay, Stop being cute…
my heart needs to slow down.
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