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What do I do,
if I like someone
that my best friend 
My teacher made us color maps and turn them in to be judged.
Kid: We all know who is going to win!
Kid: It's mysecretfilesofbeingateen!
Kid: She Dolores the whole thing and used marker!
Kid: She doesn't deserve to win!
Kid: Look! Hers is ugly cause she used marker!
Different kid: Shut up!
Kid: *Changes all votes so he wins*
Teacher: *watches* *changes them back*
Class: *votes*
Teacher: *looks like mysecretfilesofbeingateen has won! Yay!
Me: ugh...
Teacher: *brings out puppets* *proceeds to tell a story, ending with how the rest of my class are losers*
Kid: abdbajdbajdv
Class: hahahahaha
Other kid: Shut up, Kid, you're just jealous! You like her! Hahahaha
Me: *ugh*
Other kid: Were dating! Like totally!
Me: *I hate you all*
Kid: everybody like her cause shes popular!!!
Boys: *spend rest of class talking about who likes who*
Me: *make it stop!!!!*

I present: My geography class
please be able to see past my mistakes
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Just slept on a park bench.

A really tough guy in a sleeveless shirt who gets mad and goes to roll up his sleeves but forgets he cut the sleeves off but he’s so tough he rolls up his skin.
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This quote does not exist.
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