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Whats Little Mix's names mean
Jade means 'precious green stone'

Jessica (Jesy's real name) means 'woman of wealth'
Leigh-Anne means 'gracious meadow'
Perrie means 'pear tree'


It's too cold for angels to fly
This quote does not exist.

How strange, this feeling that my life's begun at last. 
This change.
Do people really fall in love so fast? 

Is it just me
Who sometimes wishes their family had lots of money

 nothing lasts
forever do  you  want  to  be





This is my first day in America and I already feel depressed as sh/t.
Every Single Girl Wants To Hear These Words From That One Special Guy:

I Love You.

This quote does not exist.
Where are all the
Sour Patch parents?
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