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I am always


I  f     f   i   r  s   t     i  s     t  h  e     w   o   r  s   t     &     s   e  c   o  n   d     i  s     t  h  e     b  e  s   t ,

then why do i always feel the worst when i come in second?

This quote does not exist.
I know this is so immature, but I literally just sit here at my laptop looking at someone's profile on Facebook, almost crying because of how attractive they are. And I want to message them but I'm wayyyy too scared.
It's not easy to meet the friends of someone you've fallen in love with.

     I got a papercut today
     It was small, but it stung
     It reminded me of my childhood  

     Sometimes I think about life
     It's big, like a roller coaster
     Except not
     Like Snoop Lion I also
     Believe that I am Bob Marley

     Shorty did in fact
     Wear them apple bottom jeans
     Boots with the fur  

     Everyone was indeed looking at her
     when she hit the floor
     Next thing you know
     Shorty got low  

     Short got so low
     Her life is spiraling down
     Shorty has hit rock bottom


The Internet
is a lot like ancient Eygt, people writing on walls and worshiping cats
I can see you're sad.
Even through your smile,
And even through your laugh.
I can see it in your eyes.
things are going to change.

when she leaves you,            
 i hope it crushes you into tiny pieces.
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