Quotes added on Monday, January 14 2013

he walks by me, cant he tell that i cant breathe
and there he goes, so perfectly...
the kind of flawless i wish i could be
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I've liked him for four years,
Four years of waiting
Four years of wishing for a chance
Four years of following my heart
Four years of bruised feelings
Four years of dreaming
Four years of fighting for him.
And now that I have him, I know he was worth every damn second. Amazing things come to those who wait
We are like Ali and Noah from The Notebook.
Completely insane.
but we're crazy for each other
i'm at the end of the line. not sure what else to do..who to turn to. i am sorry, i really am.. i just can't do it anymore.

                   Most nights
                   I hardly sleep.

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where are you?
where are you when I need you?
This quote does not exist.
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