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Carry on....
It doesn't matter how old you are.
If a balloon is about to hit the floor you dive for it like its a newborn baby
girls at starbucks:
Yes can i get a venti iced chai latte with extra whip cream.

boys at starbucks:
can i get a coffee?

C'mon out and fiind me
i've been wait for my turn.
Find me.

Christina Grimmie
Me going after watching a horror movie: Psssssshhhh that ain't nothin' *sleeps with lights off*
Me after 5 misses calls from mom: God I didn't mean it!!! Save me!!! *hides under 30 blankets, all the lights on, 911 on speed dial, and Teddy bear*
     Some People Say

  I should hate him.. Some say I should ask him out myself. I, myself, don't know what to do. I'm waiting on him, sadly.. Getting more depressed everyday whenever he say's he wants to only make me happy now, so I can actually forgive him. I don't know what to do... Should I ask him out myself or just keep waiting? I'm going insane.
I am depression.
I am the emptiness.
You feel at 2am.
The tears with no meaning.
The pain when you smile.
I don't come alone.
I bring my closest friends....
We are the scars that,
Cover your body.
The voice you despise,
But soon learn to trust...
I am the only thing
You will feel...
i belong here.
if here is solitude
they care.
they wish i was gone
i have a reason.
no reason at all
i fit in
no one notices me
everything is okay.
everything is wrong
I can't choose who I love, it just happens.
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