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One Puff, One Cut, One Sip
Would Make All This So Much Easier,
But I'm Finally Strong Enough To Say No.
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Dear Isabella And Kathleen, 
         Hey it's the tall one that looks like John Lennon. Now that I got your attention, I miss you guys. And It's just crushes me to see that were not hanging out at all. And I just take a big poop whenever I think of Isabella moving. Please don't move. Westland needs you! We need you. Anywho, I can't help to smile when I think of that summer. It had to be the best I can remember. To think you guys talk very little now, just brings me sadness. ( Yes I've been reading too much) I mean I remember that one time you guys had me do your homework... wait that was a few months ago. The time you guys camped out and we got the golf cart stuck in the muddy crops? I do. The time on the D.C. trip we were sharpie testing everyone? MHM I DOOO .The time we would get on omegle for hours for no reason? yupyup. The time we spent the whole entire night at your dad's farm, and Isabella would jump out and scare us, so we called her mom.... we were that scared izzy -.- Everytime we would go to your farm at night and the horse would be listening to michael jackson? suuuure do. Or when we went to the arts in the ally, and got John Lennon? heck yeah. when we went to that festivel and we had a fruit fight? I remember. I know you guys do too, because that was some of the best times of my life. I'm just writing this stuff out because, what if I get brain loss or something and can't remember anything. Well for one your name is Alexis, You are 13,
your true bestfriends are Isabella and Kathleen
if you couldn't take a hint. 
and you love them a whole lot. 
John, Paul, Alexis, Ellis, Lexie.
p.s I didn't read through this.

Even though i saw it coming,

It still hurts.

goodbye witty.... there will be a new owner to this account... im sorry.
i fail at everything i do. what the heck is wrong with me?
You steal my taco.
Patiently waiting for a better tomorrow.

everyone who is anything
always started out as nothing 
they were the quiet kids who   
were made fun of. not the popular 
cheerleader or football star
smiles of children.  


f o r m a t   j i m m y 3 6 5  |  i n s p i r a t i o n s 
My mom just said "Remember when you used to watch the Ninja Power Rangers?"

My god mom, don't even.
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