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don't say something if you
don't know the whole truth
Don't tell me not to hurt myself when I have to look at these scars everyday, the ones that once caused me so much pain, just as they are now..
I wish Witty had a "bitter-sweet" category.
 Come on everyone,
tampons are friends not food.
A legitimate conversation between my friend and me.
Guy: Are you coming tonight??
Me: Nope
Guy: Oh, well i was thinking of giving you something...(talking about a kiss)
Me: A high five?!:D
Guy: No-.-
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Health 101
Don't eat 3 square meals a day. It's not good for you metabolism.
Metabolism(noun): A chemical raction occuring withing every living organism to maintain life. 

Instead, eat about 5 to 6 times a day.How cool is that! The only thing is, only eat about 250-275 calories everytime you eat.

Although is really depends on how much calories you should consume in a day. Take that number, then divide it by the number of times your planning on eating and now yoy have the number of calories per "meal."

So, maybe next time reach for an apple instead of the doughnut. 

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This quote does not exist.

What Is Heartbroken?

It is lying on the bathroom floor trying your hardest to breath. 
Simultaneously wondering why it went wrong, how are you gonna get up and pretend like everything is alright and what the hell are you going to do about that hole in your chest.

Yeah, that's it.


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