Quotes added on Saturday, January 26 2013

"I look at you and I would rather look at you   

than all the portraits in the world "   

This quote does not exist.
It's just even a drop and slide motion right now with this razor,
It's more of a stab and rip in between sobs...
Questions! (Submitted by my friend, Katrina :P)
1) What's your favorite food?
2) Favorite animal?
Dinosaurs and Giraffes
3) Favorite show?
Fresh Prince of Bel Air , Drake and Josh, and Doctor Who
4) Favorite Youtuber?
KickthePj, Smosh, and AmazingPhil
5) Favorite feature on a girl?
Her eyes.
6) Would you date a girl that weighs more than you?
7) Favorite colour?
8) Favorite One Direction member?
Really Katrina, really?
Okay, fine, the irish one.
9) Favorite book?
Harry Potter seris.
10) Best pick-up line on a girl?
Umm. . . If you were a potato, you'd be a good potato.

Will he love you like I loved you?
Will he tell you everyday?
Will he make you feel like you're invincible with every word he'll say?
Sometimes, if I imagine hard enough, 
I can feel your lips on mine.
But I know that would never truly happen.
It hurts. Everyone else gets the one they love.
You can't even be bothered to say hello anymore. 
I dont chase after anyone anymore.
If you want to walk out of my life,
I'll hold the door for you.
i just trolled 20 pepole on omegle

i now win in life
Could you please read my WattPad story?
Its called " Unexpected Events"
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