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when your
favorite wrestler
loses his championship
after a 434 day title reign
& I'm scared for you babe. I know you hate when people worry about you, but I can't help it. You're my best friend and I love you and I wan't you to feel better. Please don't leave me. We've got plans for the future when everything that's happening now is in the past and everything is better. If you're sad, just picture us growing up together and getting houses next to each other and your son and my daughter falling in love and us being friends forever, because that will happen. I will do everything in my power to make that happen. I love you 2%
Patrick: Are you Squidward??
Fire Hydrant: 
Patrick: Its ok, take your time.
so you know the quote that said they should draw lines indtead of cutting? Ive never cut but 17 lines on my leg tonight... 17...
This quote does not exist.

  Aided by an Angel

Chapter Eleven; Part One
Miracle's POV:

    Graduating isn't as exciting as I thought it would be. Yeah, there was that initial rush of adrenaline you get where you feel like nothing and no one can touch you. But once you see your family, and Momma wants pictures of you standing with every person you know, the feeling starts to die down. I stood tall in my gown and posed with my parents and my brother for a nice family picture, and even though my smile radiated on my face, I was dying inside; this was an incomplete picture without Lilli.
   Momma, Auntie El, Aunt Bri, and Kristen, Autumn's Mum, took pictures of us kids with our fathers and siblings and friends. Auntie El wanted a nice picture of me and Zac together. "Every picture I have of you two, yous are either goofing off or you look miserable." She waved her hands in the air while we both laughed at her; she was so beautiful and I loved how Zac had her eyes. 
   "My Mum's crazy." Zac whispered in my ear, his nose pushing my hair aside. I rolled my eyes in response, and leaned into him a little more as his Mum took the picture. She begged for one more and I knew Zac wouldn't let her get what she wanted. He was a mischevious boy, and that I knew he got from his father.
   He lifted me up, bridal style, and quickly pressed his lips to mine. It all happened so fast that I barely had time to react; my lips just naturally moved with his when they touched. I could hear Auntie El getting frustrated and Momma laughing; I wondered what our fathers were thinking right now? He gently set me down as I thought to myself, "That was it? "
The night played out nicely afterwards. We finished up with our pictures and then headed to casa de Styles for a graduation party. Aunt Bri and Uncle Harry were letting Darcy and Parker have a proper party while they got a head start on their vacation to Spain. Darcy had asked Autumn and I to help set up a little before the rest of the guest arrived at seven.
   "So I'm going out to California for college." Darcy stated as she sliced cheese across from me; Autumn and I stared at her in suprise; we'd never of thought she'd leave her parents. "Well Rocco's going out there, so I found it only natural to follow him." She smiled down at the island, letting the blade of the knief cut evenly through the snack.
   "Darc, I am so happy for you! You guys will be together forever!" Autumn ran over to her from the kitchen table and wrapped her arms around her, tightly. I just rolled my eyes and continued to blow up the balloons. What is she crazy? Why would she choose to follow Rocco out to California? We all knew she wanted to go to a local school; she valued her family and friends way too much. I was honestly shocked at her decision, but who am I to tell her how to live her life. All I did was smile at her.
   "Thanks, Autumn." Darcy and I just stared at Autumn, as she twirled the pink fringe of her dress. Her face was more cheerful than usual and we both knew something was up. "Alright, out with it, Dopey." Darcy playfully hit her in the shoulder, laughing as she did so.
   "Well I could tell you, but I'd rather just show you." She snapped her left hand out in front of her so both Darcy and I could see. On her ring finger sat a lovely, small diamond ring. "Charlie proposed and he wants to get married before he's deployed in September." Her body was shaking with excitement; was she nuts? She was eighteen years old and she was diving into marriage so quickly? What about being a kid still?
  "Well congratulations to the both of you guys!" I knew it was a lie, but I said it anyway. We all huddled together tightly in the kitchen one last time before going back to setting up. My mind was spinning at the news from my friends; was I the only one with a head on my shoulders? Oh wait, I was crazy too. My dreams were far from being in reach so why should I judge them?
   It was now almost nine and the party was going strong. I danced with Zac for a little bit, but someone got alcohol into the red cup in his hand and I lost him. Parker was sitting alone on the sofa and I invited him to dance with me. "I don't dance, Mir." His dark eyes stared up at me; his arms were crossed over his chest as he leaned on his knees with his elbows.
   "You're going to dance with me," I pulled at his plaid top, attempting to get him on his feet. I tugged with a little too much force which led his nose straight into mine as our bodies stood real close to each others. "And you're going to like it." I whispered in his ear with a little too much seduction in my voice, but who cared? It was Parker we were talking about. He chuckled at me as I draggd his unwilling body out onto the dance floor that was in the middle of his living room.  
   He didn't do much dancing, but once I grabbed hold of his hands, he started to, at least, sway back and forth with me. Song after song was played and nothing was on my mind except having a good time. I didn't think about Zac drinking, I didn't think about Niall drinking, or Lilli or singing; I enjoyed it actually. Being absent minded was nice. "So where's Darcy been all night?" Parker's words spilled down my now exposed neck; I pulled my hair up into a ponytail since it was starting to grow warm.   
This quote does not exist.
Why do you
find it okay
to decide
every aspect
of my life
for me
This quote does not exist.
They're like
my second
family and
you're making
me leave them
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