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Smiling like an idiot while chatting with him and listening to a great song he showed me <3
Seventeen years ago I was born
I didn't think life was going to be this hard
At one point I didn't think I was going to make it this far
I've gone through many battles but I've fought through them
I can't wait to see what being 17 will bring me
Hopefully it's way better than being 16

I am jealous of the moon because she knows all your 5 am secrets. ;& your sheets get to touch you, every part of you as you fall asleep, while I keep my eye on this empty pillow waiting for your weight to keep it warm. But the sun he's luckiest of them all. When your half asleep, groggy, ;& painfully unaware of how beautiful you look he kisses your lips with light.
Dear kids who talk back to teacher,
Thankyou :)
"Dad and Mom"
just doesn't feel right. It's like saying.
"Josh and Drake"
.. So wrong.
You have your boyfriend...
I have my three legged cat, who has a mustache.
We are both even.
I'm really good at arguing until I start crying.
i just can't believe it. For once i put my hopes towards something, and i get shot down.
"Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes."

- Oscar Wilde
I could feed a village with my thighs.
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