Quotes added on Wednesday, January 30 2013

i feel sorry for alarm clocks. i mean, we get angry at them for not waking us up, and we still get angry at them for waking us up.
I didn't fall, I just attacked the ground with my ninja skills...
"I love you"
"I love you more"
"I m p o s s i b l e"

Why are the Best

people treated the Worst?

After everything
he put me through
 i still want him
 it's like hes a drug

& i'm the addict


This quote does not exist.
THAT song

yeah you know what im talking about

that song that you hear
and have a total spaz attack

you tell everyone around you to
so you can listen to it

that reminds you of random stuff

and makes you smile

comment yours :D

So today is my birthday.
Now im 16.
Most people in my age would go out with their friends to party.
But im in youtube.
Watching one direction videos.
Eating nuttela. 


Nema čovjeka koji je podjelio svoju radost s prijateljem a da se nije jos više radovao, kao što nema čovjeka koji je podjelio svoju tugu s prijateljem, a da nije manje tugovao.


I'm one of those people that tries to fix             something,
but just ends up f.u,ckiwsng it up.
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