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Is it bad that I cant look at a picture of myself without crying?

Linking my Ask.fm because I'm a total loser.  


Anybody down to ask questions?

I don't bite ;)



You walked away from me leaving just an empy blackness.
My heart is full ow sorrow
There is no future now I don't have you
Goodbye beautiful one

Take over the world
watch these haters
get mad.

When your reaction to seeing a hot guy is strangely similar to a dog spotting a squirrel
A bad thing about having cleavage is when you're eating & food falls down your shirt & you have to go digging to find it.

Happened today in lunch, a lot of people seemed amused..
Dont be so obsessive with a person

Who is showing less interest in you

Rain and Thunder,
What a perfect night to cuddle. <3
You can't spell
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