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The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eye sayin you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever i fall
You say it best when you say nothin at all (:

Sorry, feelin sappy lol
The Letter. THE CHANGE.  The Lie.

Chapter 41: Part 1 
*Katia's POV*

 "Acca-scuse me?" a voice boomed through the movie theater. I was sitting sideways taking up two whole seats and Louis was doing the same. We were throwing popcorn at each other trying to caught them in our mouths and lets just say he was a lot better than me.
"So Louis," I said throwing another piece of popcorn, which he caught easily. "If you could take a girl anywhere or do anything for a first date, what would you do?" 
He thought as he chewed his popcorn. He was still thinking so he threw a piece of popcorn at me. I opened my mouth and miraculously caught it. "Ohhh!" I exclaimed. I did a small victory dance in my seat and Lou laughed at me. 
"You are so weird," he laughed.
"Coming from the kid who preformed in a carrot costume and was in a relationship with a pigeon," I teased.
He pretended to get emotional. "I'd rather not talk about that time in my life." He over dramatically wiped away fake tears.
I rolled my eyes and then realized he had never answered my question. "Anyways.... what would the date be Mr. Tomlinson?"
"Well," he said. "If I really liked this girl and really, really wanted her to like me I'd take her to the carnival. We would ride all of the rides and I'd win her a prize and depending on the carnival I would end the night by kissing her on the ferris wheel."
I instantly flashed back to that day. It was the day after Harry and I went on our one and only date. We were watching Pitch Perfect and were the only two in the movie theater. It was really the perfect day... not to mention the next morning we almost kissed...
"Are you coming Katia?" Lou's voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked around to see he was already walking up to the gate. I  quickly walked over and joined him. 
We walked up to the box to pay for tickets. He bought us both bracelets so we could ride any ride, but then also bought a handful of tickets. I didn't understand his logic but just went with it. As we walked into the carnival I put my bracelet on. I finished just as Louis did and then our night began. 
He took me to ever ride, and the possibility of me losing my voice was growing stronger with each one. The night was quickly fading away, hours slipped by like seconds and soon the sun had set. It was hard to tell with all of the carnival lights on, but I kept looking up at the sky. I loved seeing the sky change colors as the sunset and then watching as the stars came out. 
I was smiling and laughing the whole night, but my cheeks didn't hurt at all. Not like you would expect them too. Louis and I were walking around, trying to see if there was a ride we somehow missed. Louis and I were swinging our hands back and forth and we walked.
"Yeah and that wasn't even the funniest part," Louis continued on with one of his stories from tour. "No because next Zayn..." his voice drifted off as we walked and I looked over to see if he was okay. 
He was smiling at something in the distance. Before I could try to ask what it was he was pulling me along. I was laughing at his child like behavior when we stopped. I looked up and saw the Ferris Wheel. It was turning in its slow circles and the lights that ran around the side were blinking on and off.  Still smiling like a child Louis walked up to the man operating the machine. He handed him a couple tickets, which he had yet to use until this point. 
The man stopped the Ferris Wheel so we could get on. Louis quickly sat down on the slick red seats while I was more hesitant. I was terrified of heights, but I wasn't going to let that ruin my night. I walked over and sat down. I was on the right and Louis was on the left, which I found awkward because the entire night we had been the other way. The man came over to make sure the bar was in place and then the ferris wheel started moving. 
It jolted, causing me to jump and clutch onto the cool metal bar. I heard Louis chuckle at my nervousness but wouldn't look over at him. We went around once before I started to ease up. My grip lessened on the bar and I managed to look over at Lou. He was looking around, smiling at whatever he saw. He looked over at me and I couldn't help but smile back. We started talking about some of the rides we had been on that night, the scariest, the funnest, how I could not handle the spinning rides. 

AUTHOR'S NOTE: So I know I was supposed to post yesterday and I didn't. I don't really want to post anything today either but I felt bad. I'd post part 2 tonight to make up for last night but I'm still editing it and I'm an emotional writer. Which pretty much means that the ferris wheel would break, Katia and Louis would die(not together they would be thrown away from each other and die alone) and then Mia and Niall would die in a car accident and the rest of the boys would die from a plane bomb while on their way to the states to go to katia's and Mia's funerals. And I know in the long run I will regret killing everyone so I've just decided to wait until tomorrow to post part 2 haha. So if you guys have any better suggestions than killing everyone off for the rest of the date I'd love to hear them lol. Thanks for reading, sorry if it sucks. Love you all!

This is for the girls who don't always win.
♥ who stay's up all night listening to music that inspires them to do the next thing that is impossible. ♥
The girls who laugh, smile, cry & think all on a daily basis.



The girls who like, learn & regret.
The girls who may never have it easy.

The girls who learn the hard way & live to tell about it.
The real girls.



This quote does not exist.

The things we loose always come back to us in the end. 


Awkward moment when some one you hate comes up and hugs you

yep happened to me today

i kept it calm

which reminds me

i dont think he can have babies now :l

oh well


 Every heartace will fade away, just like every storm runs out rains.
This quote does not exist.
My wish for you,
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you're out there gettin' where you're gettin' to I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish

Idk why, but this song always makes me wanna cry
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