Quotes added on Sunday, February 3 2013

Its gotta be the best love song she ever heard in her life
Bucket List # 13
I want to...
Sit front and center at an Ed Sheeran Concert, and have grab my hand and pull me up on stage with him <3
So basically,um... 
♡I love you.♡
Bucket List
Go to a Racal Flatts concert
And sit in the first row

So My Friend And I Went To A Haunted House...

*All of a sudden, a zombie pops out*

My friend: F*ck me!             
 Zombie: But we only just met! 
Me: ...                              
Zombie: ...                         
Kid behind us: ...                 


This quote does not exist.
Bucket List # 14
I want to....
Ride on the back of a flying unicorn that farts rainbows and burps butterflies
*Dream Big*
Bucket list
Ride on a dolphin
Bucket List # 15
I want to....
Be beautiful-inside and out, and have a random stranger come up to me telling me i am beautful, and then give each-other hugs
Bucket list
Get a solo in a musical
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