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'Tis better to slip with foot than tongue.
This quote does not exist.
Double Dare
Lou's P.O.V

I woke up with a terrible headache, I tried to stand up but it felt like there were 200 pounds on my shoulders, I slowly grudged over to the kitchen, starting a pot of coffee.
I sat down on a barstool and tried to remember the events of last night. My memory was very foggy, but I knew I had kissed Sam, a woman could never forget about a kiss with him. I remember how I felt so weak, and I looked up and I just had to, and suprisingly he kissed me back, but he pulled away too soon. It was like, for those three seconds of our lips together, my mind was free of the fogginess, everything was clear, everything was right, tingles were shooting every which way inside me, and it was all just from a simple kiss.
That was all I could remember from last night, but that was all I needed to know...I wanted Sam.
The coffee was ready, so I got out a mug and poured myself a cup, sipping the warmth, and feeling it run through my weak body, making me feel a bit more alive. I still had on my sweatpants and a my night-shirt, and my hair was up in a crazy bun on the top of my head, I examined the bags under my eyes, and sighed in disgust, putting some foundation on my face.  I sipped some more coffee as I heard a knock at my door.
Great, Sam was going to see me at my absolute worst. I trudged over to the door slowly and opened it peeking out to look at Sam, who was already showered and ready for the day to begin.
"Hey" he said looking down at me.
"Hi, You can come in if you want" I said opening the door and gesturing to the couch.
"Thanks" he said taking a seat.
"I'll get you a cup of coffee" I said heading to the nice hotel kitchen.
I came back over, sitting next to him and handing him his coffee.
" Lou, we need to talk" Sam said averting his gaze to his hands.
"Is it about last night" I said getting worried.
"Lou, you do understand that I'm not even supposed to be in your room right now, there are strict rules and policies that are set for my business, and I'm definately not supposed to kiss you, it's mosly my fault but, if you want to continue this trip, there will be no physical contact, okay?"
" Yes, I'm sorry, I was drunk, and I guess I wasn't thinking, Let's just put it behind us" I said shyly.
" Yes, it's the past, now let's talk about right now...Why aren't you dressed?"
"Dressed for what??" I asked confused
" For bungee jumping, It's already 12 and we are supposed to be there at one... and Chicago's traffic is horrible."
"Oh my goodness, I forgot all about that I'm soo sorry! I can get ready in under five minutes, just hold on." And with that I grabbed some clothes and ran to my bathroom, I scrubbed my face and slipped on some jeans, a t-shirt and tennis shoes. I let down my hair, letting my curly locks cascade around my face, I applied some light makup, and rushed out of the bathroom.
"Okay, I'm ready" I said grabbing a coat.
"Woah!! 4 minutes and 32 seconds, I'm impressed!" he said  getting up off of the couch.
"You should be" I said, smiling and walking out the door, Sam following right behind. In his presence, the hangover suddenly went away, I wasn't tired anymore. I was a little disappointed that Sam had to keep his distance from me, but I knew he liked me too, and sometimes you have to break the rules to get what you want. And that was exaclty what I was going to do.

Stay with me, until i fall asleep.
stay with me..
kiss it all better, im not ready to go..
its not your fault, love,
you didnt know, you didnt know..
This quote does not exist.
"Everyone believes in a little magic every now and then. The difference between one another, is some choose to conquer their dreams with it."

you should be doing your homework right now
Finally my mom had my little brother! it ended up being a guy! Totally unexpected! Damien welcome to this world little bro!
When someone annoying tries to talk to you on your period.

Your Brain: No turn around and walk away
Love is like farts...

If you force it, it's probably poop.
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