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I'm your biggest fan.

I'm not here to tell you my Story, I'm not here to show you the Scars. I'm just here to tell you that it won't always be this Hard.

No one should
take themselves
so seriously.

Mine and His conversations♥ 

Him: It's fun to roll down a hill but then u get dizzy): that's bad
                  Me: I know! one time i hit my head ):
                  Him: thats probably why your so retarded!(; im jk!(;
                  Me: Wow thanks! i could cut you(;
                  Him: ik :O im sorry your beautiful!
                  Me: beautiful?me? you just dont wanna get cut(;
                  Him: Im not lying. You could stab me a million times and i would still think your beautiful.
I really can't believe he puts up with me

i hate when people turn everything over to the kids in africa
me: i don't want these chicken nuggets
mom: a kid in africa would kill for those nuggets
me: i don't wanna go to school today
mom: a kid in africa would kill for a decent education
me: this shirt doesn't fit me anymore mom, it can go in the trash
mom: a kid in africa would kill for a shirt like that one
me: mom theres no more toilet paper
mom: kids in africa would kill to have toilet paper that they can actually run out of 

i understand that they have it bad but we have problems as well
Bitterness is like cancer. It eats upon the host. But anger is like fire. It burns it all clean.
So, me and a friend were at school one night at a basketball game. We decided to go drive to the store to get some helium balloons. Well, I saw some snowmobilers and for some odd reason I wanted a ride really, really bad. So we drove up on the road and slowed down n yelled at the guy n asked for a ride. He said "I don't know you guys, but sure." Lmao, YOLO. Got a free snowmobile ride from a complete stranger outside our school at 8:30p.m. going 65mph in our soccer field ;D
You wanna know why today was the best?

A girl said to me :" I don't like your hair ,your shoes.."

A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.
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