Quotes added on Friday, February 8 2013

always wins
in the final run
as copycats
have limited prowess to ideate

~ Anuj Somany

Reality ruined me.

My fingertips are 

constantly stained with

eye liner.

And I'm just like...
well there goes the option of finger food for lunch.

You do your little cute dance in the corner of your room. "Yeah!!" Turn around and realize u left your door open an your mums laughing at you
  In the name of higher conciousness, I let the best man I knew go..  


Super White Girl Problems #1701
Wondering what
would you do with your
life without your hair



I'm done!
Whoever wants to argue, go ahead.
I won't answer.
I'm done being mad.
You can have the last word...
And I'm not scared.
I'm safe right now and always.

Some people will count the

hours they have to sleep.

I count down to the


Just cause I'm an accurate



Super White Girl Problems #1702
Trying to be sexy when
you're hooking up with your
boyfriend in the shower, and
end up scaring him away
because of the mascara
running down your face.



I wish there was who likes me, even after they find all of my flaws.
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