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They ask "why is it so hard for you to trust people" I ask them why is it so hard to tell the T R U T H .. 
Happy valentines day everyone
I love you.
Who else is just spending their time on witty? 
Plot Twist: At the beginning of Temple Run 2, the rope breaks finally breaks and you both die.
The problem is..
I love Valentines Day,
And I always get my hopes up,
You know.. expect something cute&romantic
But I always end up with nothing..
Stay faithful or stay S I N G L E 
This quote does not exist.

“You care so much you feel as though you will bleed to death with the pain of it.” 
-Albus Dumbledore


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I hate how you treat me. One day we will be staring into each others eyes head over heels and the next day it’s like we never talked. I just need to know what you want with me.

Is that too much to ask?


This quote does not exist.
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