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Don't wait for Prince

Charming. Go out and find him. Poor loser

must be stuck in a tree


*Me and Kenneth (Kenni) dividing my valentines candy up*
Me: One for you... one for me. One for you... two for me. One for you...three for me.
Kenni: Denny, that's not fair.
Me: It's my candy, I'll decide what's fair.
Kenni: ...B*tch.
Me: I try, Kenni.
Kenni I hate that name.

I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British.
I know you dig me, babe
But I've got demon eyes, 
that see right through your anatomy,
Into your thoughts..
Your dreams..
You soul..
And right into your deepest
The sound of chewing... crunch, smack, squish... the sound of a fork or knife scraping against a plate... the sound of a gulp of a drink going down a throat, the sound of sertain words, swig, gulp... they make me shudder, cover my ears, clench my stomach, grind my teeth, squeeze my eyes shut and pull my hair as waves of nausia and inescapable disgust occupy every part of my brain, leaving me shuddering and inconsolable even hours after I escape it.

Please tell me its not just me. 
date night with thee boyfriend..
i love thatboyy. :*
Your not even worth my time anymore.
( '-')          they see
_/ ) )z    me skatin'
/  \  they hatin'
ಠ  ಠ .................
"Username or password incorrect." Well at least tell me which one it is?!?
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