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Oceans by Evanescence:Don't want to be the one to walk away.But I can't bear the thought of one more day.I think I finally understand what it means to be lost.Can't find the road to lead us out of this.A million miles from where we burned the bridge.Can't keep pretending everything's going to  be alright.With the whole world falling down on me.Cross the oceans in my mind.Find the strength to say goodbye.In the end you never can wash the blood from your hands.Fallen so far from where we were before.You'll never find what you've been searching for.Something to fill the void and make up for all of those missing peices of you.Like I could only dream to do.Cross the oceans in my mind.Find the strength to say goodbye.Everything that we believed was a lie.Cross the oceans in your mind.Find a way to blur the line the line.In the end you never can wash the blood from your hands.Oh,we never learn.So we fall down again.Heaven,help me find a way to dream within this nightmare.Cross the oceans in my mind.Find the strenght to say goodbye.Everything that we believed in was a lie.Cross the oceans in your mind.Find a way to blur the line.In the end you never can wash the blood from your hands .
The Letter. THE CHANGE.  The Lie.

Chapter 52
*katia's POV*

 The next morning Louis took me back to Harry's where I went to bed after throwing a load of laundry in the washing machine. I didn't have any dreams, I don't think I was asleep enough for that. I woke up around 1 and switched the laundry. I was putting clothes away when Harry called me. 
We talked for a while about what I was going to do over the next couple days, and I agreed that Harry could tell Louis what happened as long as he kept out the part of the dream with Lou. Harry agreed and told me he would be back in a couple days. I told him not to rush and after a little bit more talking we hung up. 
I finished putting my clothes away before calling Mia. She didn't answer so I left her a voice mall tell her we needed to talk. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to stay busy by cleaning everything and cooking. I showered twice just because I was running out of things to do. Louis didn't text or call me all day, I think its because Harry told him about my dream but I wouldn't ever ask. I went to bed early that night, ready for a new day.
*Louis's POV*
"She dreamed I did that?" I questioned Harry. He had just gotten done telling me what happened to Katia, and I couldn't believe it.
"She didn't want me to tell you, but I thought you should know," he said. 
"Is she okay?" I asked him.
"She seems fine. A little scared but I don't blame her." I didn't either. 
"Thanks for telling me," I said running my hand through my hair.
"Yeah, talk to you later."
"Kay bye." I hung up. I held my phone in my hand, flipping and twirling it around. I couldn't believe Katia dreamed that I had hurt her, that I had turned into Zach. But what hurt was that she believed I would of actually of done that for a moment.
*Couple Nights Later*
*Harry's POV*
I was sitting at the counter eating a pasta salad Katia had made while I was gone. She was telling me what she had been doing over the last few days. The day after I told Lou what had happened they hung out, so at least she can be around him. I think she is still afraid that what she dreamed would come true. I don't think she believes he would do that, but I think she is afraid that he would, he would change and do that too her.
"So are you and Lou okay?" I asked as if they had had a fight, if only it were that simple.
"Yeah, I talked to Mia the other day and after talking to her I felt a lot better. Not that talking to you wasn't helpful," she added quickly.
"I'm just glad you guys are okay," I told her. She nodded and then started to space out. She did that a lot. "So when are Mia and Nialler getting back?" 
"Tomorrow I think," she said. "I was hoping we could all get together since the last time we were together it sort of ended badly."
We both thought to how she and her parents got in a massive fight. I nodded and told that was a good idea. After putting my dishes in the sink I told her I was going to bed and that I'd see her in the morning, leaving her to watching something on the telly.
I went to sleep that night wondering if Katia will ever feel completely safe again.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hey guys. Sorry, this is kind of a sucky chapter to post after not posting for so long but I needed it as a filler. So the next couple chapters are going to start skipping around in time a little bit but I'm going to start adding dates to chapters I can so that should help. Thank you so much for reading! Love you all!
I Just Want To Be Your World,
Won't You Let Me?
What Ladies Do
Chapter One; Part I:
   Finally, the afternoon bell sounded and I stormed out of the library without any of them. This wasn't unusual for me so, again, they never really knew how mad they actually made me sometimes. The student parking lot wasn't far from where I was which was ideal; I never left anyone waiting on me for too long.
   I spotted my best friend, Emma, sitting on the hood of her boyfriend's car. Jason noticed me walking towards them and waved to me. He and Ben played baseball together and were close friends, which played in favor of Em and I. They'd usualy bring us to and from school daily since they were seniors and could legally drive; as for us? Not so much yet.
   "Hey there, Hal." Before she could notice it, I wiped the sour look off of my face and tried to at least look alive. "What's up?"
   "Nothing, just ready to go home and take a nice, long nap." I felt the strap of my school bag starting to fall down my shoulder, dragging my top down with it. Quickly, I brought it back up where it belonged, hoping that Jason didn't catch sight of my cheetah printed bra.
   "Yeah, because it really looks like you have nothing better to do when you get home." Her sarcastic tone brought a hint of an actual smile to my face; she always knew how to do that. "What do you even have in there? Bricks?" She motioned for Jason to come closer to her and he did. His one arm wrapped around her waist while he let the other one settle happily on her knee; her fingers locked with both his hand and the fist full of thick, dark hair on the back of his head.
   "Eh, that's what Sunday night's for." I tossed my hands up in the air, but suddenly dropped them, letting them smack against my thighs. I took in all of Emma's natural beauty that I was constantly jealous of, just like with my other group of friends. I was always the ugly duckling of the group. I remembered Emma saying she woke up late today and really resented how she could look better than me, who took an hour to look like this.

 me: You're still coming to school, right? Halz x
Em: Of course! I just don't have any time to do my hair or do my make-up nicely now :P -Emmie
me: I'm sure you'll look just fine. You always do :P Halz x

  And what did I tell you? She looked stunning. I heard Ben's truck beep of me; time to go. The passenger door swug open for me to hop in so we could go. Jason and Ben greeted each other with a manly nod, something I'll never understand about men. I rolled down his window and called to Emma, who was still propped up on the hood of Jaosn's Chevy, "And by the way, they're not bricks. They're ducks."
   "Now what's this about ducks?" Ben asked as he rolled up my window at the red light. I tucked my loose bangs behind my ears and stared at him; he was beautiful too. His brown hair was starting to lighten again from being outside all of the time. The sunlight shining in from the window glimmered on his hair and his ocean blue eyes, making me feel sick with butterflies.
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a constant battle between closed lips
Girl says " I had a dream about u "
Boys says "awwwwww"
Girls says "yeah you died "
What Ladies Do
Chapter One; Part II:
     "It's nothing." I chuckled out just before pressing my lips to his. The light was still red when he grabbed my face, forcing my lips to stay. They did as he commanded until the person behind us laid on their horn; the light had turned green. "Geez, someone had a rough day."
   "I don't care how that person's day was." Ben grabbed my hand and gave it a tight squeeze. "How was yours? Good, I hope?" He was so oblivious to the fact that every little comment someone said about me hurt. The only person I talked to about it was Emma. I'd tell a mother or a sister or a brother, if I had one, but I don't.
   All I wanted to say was, "It was terrible. Just like every day. Please just make it stop?" But all I managed was, "Yeah, it was great." Just as I lied to my boyfriend's face, I felt my phone buzz inside of my school bag; it was Emma.

Em: What happened today? I know you're not okay. -Emmie

must give her credit; Em was smarter than I thougth. My eyes scanned the truck and buzzed about trying to figure something out. I looked from Ben to the radio to the window and back to my phone. We were almost at my house and I knew this had to come off of my chest eventually.

me: I'll call you in 10 mins. Halz x

   Ben had walked me to the door and kissed me goodbye before heading off to baseball practice. He also reminded me that he'd be here to pick me up at six, "You better be ready!"
   "I will! Don't you worry!" My finger taped the tip of his nose and trailed down to his dark lips. "Now go." I watched him drive out of sight before walking into the house. "Gram, I'm home!"
   "Haliegh? Is that you, Sweetheart?" I reassured her. "Oh, could you get me my medicine off the top shelf in the kitchen? I don't know why I put it there if you're the only one who can reach it." I watched as her chilly body made it's way into the kitchen to be with me. She had a cup of coffee in her hand already so I just popped two pills into her palm.
   "There you go, Gram. Need anything else? If not, I'm gonna go take a nap." Her icy fingertips grazed over my cheekbone, and through my hair, down to my braid. My hand flew up to catch her in her tracks; I just wanted to savor her for a second. I shut my eyes and took in the scent of her and the scent of this house; it didn't smell like anything, really. Just home.
   "No, you go on now, Sweetie." Her pink lips stained my forehead just before she headed back into the living room where she was watching repeats of her favorite television series.
   "I love you, Gram."
   "Love you more, Jitterbug." My heart skipped a beat. Thump.

Thanks for reading, Loves! Hope you're liking it so far? I have big plans for this story, guys, so get excited! Could you do me a favor? If you have a tumblr could you follow one of my BEST FRIENDS for her birthday tomorrow?! Her thing (obviously, I don't have a tumblr, lol!) is prettyispetty.tumblr.com and could you follow her polyvore too! It's bowtiesandfezzes . Thanks so much!!! :)xx
Oh So Your A Player?
Hello, Im The Coach
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