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Is it bad that I don't get why girls say,
"sisters before misters."?
i mean, if you think about it where are you going to end up later on in life? you're going to be possibly married, to the mister who you wouldve lost to your"sister."
also, if you put friends before boyfriends, that's kinda ironic..
because your boyfriend should be your friend.
and your husband should be your best friend.
i just don't get why people say "sisters before misters"

help you guys i think i have a crush on a boy


this is a distress signal, i repeat, a distress signal
send help immediately.

This quote does not exist.

These thoughts. They creep me out
from the deepest and darkest spots
of your mind and
they ruin you ----



I don't want to care,
but I do.


Sorry I'm such a disappointment.
Josh(sisters bf):I wish you were my little sisiter.
Josh: Because you're so monotone about everything, it'd be easy to have a emo sibling.
Me: You know, I'll be one hell of a sister in law.
Josh: Yeah, I know, my kids will love you.
Me: No, you don't understand, I'll murder you in your sleep for this. 
Josh: thats why they'll love you. 

                       it's more than music

This quote does not exist.

I’m the type of girl who favorites a cute quote no matter how old they are. <3 Witty for life! :D

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