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Sometimes I wish I had a backbone, so I could leave you. I wish that I didn't love you so much, so it wouldn't hurt like hell to walk away. I can't even do this anymore, but I can't leave. I love you way too much. You say you love me too, but is this the way you treat someone you love? 


Well, the Take Me Home tour starts tomorrow...

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I hate when you talk to him. He is my best friend. Not even.  More like my brother and he was mine first. All you have done to him is hurt him and that kills me.  Every time you hurt him, it feels like it was my fault for even introducing you guys.  Every time you guys talk it makes me feel like your taking him away from me. And to tell you the truth idk if that will actually happen but I really don't want to take any chances. I'm sorry if I sound jealous but I don't mean to be.  I know that I can't stop you 2 from talking to each other but I just wanted you to know how I really feel.  
I feel so empty, yet I feel so much pain.
Before I met you
boy i never knew my heart could dance,
i was just a broken record of one night stands...

-True Story-
*In Math Class*
Zack: Taylor was singing with me in art!
Taylor: Cause you got that stupid crap stucking my head!
Mr. Rogers: Okay. Taylor, you can go up to the front of class and sing while Avery dances!
Me: Oh heck no I am not getting my little butt out of this chair until I hear that bell ring.
There once was a couple who was very poor. 

The wife, Sara wanted to buy a Christmas present for her husband, but she had only $1.67.  Then she remembered. There were two things worth of value in her house. One: her husband's gold watch. It was a priceless antique  passed down from his grandfather. Two: her long, beautiful hair. If she sold it, she could have enough money  to buy a Christmas present for her husband, Jim. Tying her hair up, she ran downstairs to the nearby salon. "Do you buy hair?" she asked breathlessly. The owner nodded. 

"Yeh, I buy hair. Lemme  see." she motioned for Sara to let her hair down. Sara let her hair down and the owner nodded in satisfaction as her luxurious curls were let down. "20 dollars." the owner yawned. Sara smiled. That was enough! She nodded and sat down in the worn salon chair as the owner used a pair of scissors to cut her hair short so that it barely passed her chin. She bit back tears and collected the money, running outside.

 "Where to go?" she asked herself. She went from store to store trying to find a gift. Then she saw it: a silver chain for Jim's watch. It would go perfectly with it, she thought excitedly as she handed over the money. The   store manager wrapped it up and she went home. Then she realized that Jim might not like her with short hair. Tears streamed down her cheeks. "I hope he will understand," she said bitterly as she went to make dinner. 

At 7, Jim came home and Sara rushed to hug him. "Merry Christmas Jim." she said. Jim saw her short hair and his jaw dropped, a look of sadness and surprise in his eyes. Sara looked down. "I sold my hair for money to buy a Christmas present for you. But please don't hate me; my hair will grow back soon! I'll put the pork chops on the stove and let's eat, all right?" Jim came out of his trance and he gave a weary smile. 

"I also bought you a present. But it will be of no use." he sighed and put a velvet box on the table. Sara opened it and gasped in delight. Sitting in the box were two jewel-studded combs, the ones she had always wanted. 

"Jim, my hair grows back quickly! I will use this very soon!" she smiled and put his present on the table. "Open it, my dear." Jim opened the present and burst out laughing. "What is it?" Sara asked confused. He shook his head.

"I sold my watch to buy you these combs." Sara's eyes widened. Jim collected the presents and put them under the small Christmas tree they had. "Let's cherish this Christmas and use these presents next year." 

They grinned and hugged.

                                            <3                                    not mine
i don't know if i should try to talk to you, or cry because of the fact that i know you won't answer.
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