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and important.
Hold my hand.
Open doors for me.
Kiss my forehead.
Kiss my cheek.
Call me for a while.
Take walks with me.
Laugh at my jokes, even if you've heard them a million times.
Hold me when we watch movies.
Tell me everything's okay.
Talk to me about things, instead of brushing them off like they're nothing.
Respect my opinions.
Tell me I mean something to you. Don't keep it a secret.
Don't push me away..

&I promise I'll love you with everything I've got to give..

            I wonder am I too small to change the world?

                Can I not make a differnce?

       I guess the only reason I haven't tried to make a difference was because I'm scared i will get made fun of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SHOULD I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????




I go to church for comfort. Because like, no matter what's changed in my life, or how hectic and chaotic everything seems, mass is still the same. Same responses, same standing, sitting, kneeling routine. Everyone gathering for a common purpose; I hate the purpose. I am not a practicing Catholic. I. Do. Not. "Believe." I observe, and go through the motions for one constant variable in my ever changing, ever illogical, ever fictional life. 

             Even if you have to run miles and miles, keep chasing your dreams! 

                  You'll catc
h it one day!!!!!
I want to die i feel like i have failed everyone
Sometimes when I'm walking down the road, sitting in school, or laying in bed I can't help but think of you and what life would be like if you were still here. I mean don't get me wrong, it's not like you're dead, but you leaving and me having to say goodbye was one of the most saddest days of my life. We had been through so much together and then you had to leave. It's been 8 months since you have last came to visit. I was drinking a shamrock shake the other day and thought about all the times that you and I would go to your moms and order one before we got there and your sister would be sooo mad! Going skating, car rides, road tripa, dancing. Remember when we got caught up in the mountains when we got your explorer stuck in 4 feet of snow and had to call 911 to have a forest ranger come pick us up? Those were the best days. These memories are the ones that I will keep with me forever. I love you so very much and I will never stop. I'm really hoping that you come and visit soon. I need my best friend back for a day :/ I love you so much B-ran!
you are all worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. you make it seem like you dont deserve a spot on this planet, but if that were true, you wouldnt have been born. sometimes youre bullied, and thats always hard but what they say isnt true. none of it. it seems like it is, but it isnt. youve survived so much and youve held your ground. i bet no one has told you this recently but youre so strong for that. for not giving up completely. for not giving in to them completely. for staying true to yourself even if it wasnt completely. youve gone through so much and you deserve to be told how much that means to me, to this planet, to everything and everyone. so thanks for listening to this.


Drama is the one and the place where i can be myself....

(Other than around my bestfriend Amber_bubbles_98)
when you find someone who makes your jaw drop and heart stutter and smile widen you've found true love. when you worry about the person when you haven't talked all day, when they are the first and last thing and everything you think about during the day, when you dream about them, you've found true love. when kissing them makes your foot pop and your heart stop and your lips tingle and your hands grip their waist and you pull them in for more, you've found true love. i found true love, i found it with you. i found true love and i lost it. i lost it because i let you slip away. let myself drift away because i was afraid of my feelings. i don't know if you'll ever read this or see it but if you do happen to come across this i want you to know. i am still in love with that crooked smile and your brown hair with the blonde underneath i still love the sound of your voice when you sing up on stage. i love the little things you do. i love a girl. a girl who changed my world. a girl who is starting new and starting new without me. yet still i sit here and i tell her i love her.
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