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Sometimes i feel like im an outcast on witty now like i dont belong i guess its just my f/cking life

The feelings are lost in my lungs
 they're burning,  I'd rather
                                                       BE NUMB. 

hes falling back into my life. VENT

guys are so frusturating. one minute they talk to you all the time, then they are gone. but when they come back like nothing happened, you dont know exactly how you should feel. im so lost. he makes me smile, and laugh. weve talked every day this week. he tells me about what he does through the day, and i tell him about my day. we fall asleep texting eachother on the phone, and apologize to the other the next day. we joke around about random stuff, and i love talking to him. does he like me? im not sure. i wish i knew though. hes been through so much and still has a lot more ahead of him, and i would like to be there with him through it all. he always feels as if noone could love him for a few certian things about him. he though he had the right girl, but she broke his heart. she left him. she made him self concious, and now he isnt sure what there is for him. i dont know how i should feel about what she did to him. i dont know how i should feel at all. i only know that i wish he never went through it. he doesnt deserve it. i shouldnt feel how i do, i know i shouldnt. but something just pulls me closer to him. and i cant walk away. i just dont get it. so i lay here and text him.
Somewhere between all our laughs, long talks, stupid little fights, and our lame jokes...

I fell in love ā¤  

To him.




You know what?
I just got a visit from sweet little Aunt Flo. It's been fun.

Every time I look at the keyboard, I see that "u" and "i" are always together.
Screw reality,
I just wanna live in my fantasy.

Witty Butterfly
2 Witty "W"s make up the wings on each side of the body
A way for us to find each other
Draw on your left wrist
It's easier to make up an excuse as to why you drew a butterfly on your hand instead of just a random W, know what I mean?

We don't want those outsiders finding our little oasis here, now do we?
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