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My 16 year old body is like that of an elderly person. I swear I'm falling apart at the seams. Why must I always be in pain? I'm pretty done with it. Why couldn't my body be normal?
Shouldn't truth or dare be renamed to

interrogation or humiliation?

person: do you like _____________?
me: ugh no i hate them
person: hate is a strong word
me: well they have a strong personality of being an @sshole and they seem to be getting away with it
Guy: *Says hi*
Friends: asdfghjkl he likes you.
Guy: *Looks at me*
Friends: asdfghjkl he likes you.
Guy: *Exists*
Friends: asdfghjkl he likes you.
Guy: *Actually likes me*
Friends: Nah I don't really think he's into you...
I am in love with Christina Grimmie


I feel so sick. There are about another fifteen girls ready to try out, and Christyne doesn't look impressed with me, because I almost kissed her boyfriend. I think my routine is better in my head, and I seriously just want to run back home. Let's hope this doesn't go wrong though. Let's hope.


She's in the crowd. Mom. Her phone is away from her face, blonde hair swept dramatically at the side of her cheekbones. I bite my reed harder and watch the composer, Mr. Yamada, bring his baton up, and we all rise our instruments. I feel lasagna come up my throat. No, don't let this happen now!


"You're really, really pretty." Matt whispers to me. I try to move back, but he pulls me in. We sit in a meadow on a picnic blanket and are really close to eachother. Matt tucks a strand of loose hair behind my ear and leans in for a kiss. "What're you doing?" Grace yells over a hill. This can't happen.


Just some perspectives of a new story. I admit that I've been creating too many stories and not finishing them, but I want to keep this one and finish it. Or at least try to, hehe. 

Thanks. Fave, Comment, Follow, w/e.


This quote does not exist.
Sorry, I can't today.
My sister's,
aunt's fish died.
Yes, it was tragic.

Never force someone to love you.
Let that person perfectly fall because, its nicer to let gravity do the motion than to forcely grab affection without attraction.
You meet someone.

You two get close.

It’s all great for awhile.

Then someone stops trying.

Talk less. Akward conversations.

The drifting.

No communication whatsoever.

Memories start to fade.

Then that person you know becomes that person you KNEW.

That’s how it usually goes, right?

 Sad isn’t it.
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