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Scars remind us of where we've

B  E  N

they don't determine where we're


Maybe tonight I'll call you,
after my blood turns into alcohol
Whooo Best Buds! anyone else wanna be my best bud? lol:)
I try not to dwell on the bad things. You have to try your hardest to move foward.

One Direction Update
3/8/13 11:55 PM EST
Hey everyone! TGIF! So today the boys had another concert in Belfast!! Tomorrow they have the day off and are going to Dublin to see a Rugby match. They will be back in Belfast by Sunday for the show they have.

Yesterday, I mentioned that the boys were with the guys from McFly. Well it seems that they will be featured in one of McFly's songs! This makes me super happy because I used to be obsessed with McFly. 

Also, some more exciting news is that they boys are currently writing and recording songs for the third album already! They will be writing/recording for the album all throughout tour in the UK and US. They are doing it now because of the busy shedule. They have tour through November so they are getting a start now so they can put out new music by the end of the year or early next year. It's hard to believe that new music is on it's way! TMH practically came out yesterday!

Just a little FYI: Louis has an unseen tattoo! ;)

Rumors: Speaking of tattoos, Harry indeed does have a butterfly tattoo on his stomach. It's not photoshopped. Here it is: 

Yesterday I had also mentioned the rumor about Harry getting the fan's number being false. Unfortunately, one of these crazy rumors actually turned out true. And he does plan to see her again.

I also want to warn you guys about something. There might be a bit of Zayn drama soon. There are rumors going around that he's been DMing fans about meeting up. Status: TRUE He plans to meet up with one of those girls this week. I'm not saying that anything will actually happen or that he'll cheat on Perrie, I'm just saying that he has the plans made. It might not even come off, we'll see.

Links: Zayn today: 
Niall today: http://t.co/I23HH5kZA8
The boys on stage today: 
The boys again: http://twitter.yfrog.com/f56r2tj
Teenage Dirtbag from tonight: http://t.co/IBBdHaBHe7

If anyone has any questions about some of the things I said above, feel free to ask. I know some of it might've been a bit confusing :)


“ I’m from Sussex and I know’’.

-Jed Webster and Nathan Brown (The creators of the school project music video about Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada

Font found at : http://dafont.com/search.php?q=birth+of+a+hero+ 

This quote does not exist.
I just spent the better part of an hour thinking of ways to be with him. I could go to a horror movie and cower with him (we're both complete wimps), or he could brush my hand while we're walking down the hall then take it while blushing, or we could be at the school fair that's coming up soon and be riding rides together and I could happen to lean into him during a ride and stay there. So many possibilities, yet I doubt it'd ever happen.....

even on your weakest days,  you get a bit



I don't like remembering.
Remembering makes you feel things.
I don't like feeling things.
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