Quotes added on Monday, March 11 2013

Little Things Make Life Liveable
So apparently Justin Bieber is planning to visit the troops in the Middle East.

Taliban, this is your last shot for redemption.
Do you like One Direction? One Direction makes me sick. They made a song for a kid with cancer in a hospital. Then they asked the hospital for money! Seriously, they're all sick bastards who want money, anyone else would hvae done it out of the kindness and knowing a dying child with an incurable illness. They make me sick and I hope they rot in Hell.
And they will rot in Hell for doing that.
I know I'll get hate for this from "directioners", whatever. Any rude or hate comments will be deleted.

Please keep chasing me,
you Southern constellations got me so dizzy.
It's cold but you pretend that you are warm with me.
Before I get you home you're nearly frozen,
but I'll never let you freeze without me.


Destroy What

Destroys You
God works in mysterious ways.. 💙
All is lost again, but I'm not giving in <3
Why is everyone hating on us mods?
Everyone is sending hate towards us and and its really annoying.I was told on one of my things refering to my quote,"Stupid people shouldn't breed" and someone commented on my world of text and said '"Stupid people shouldnt breath"then why are you still alive?' Really?I know who this person is,and frankly I have had it.You guys are sending me and BravoSeirra hate on our quotes or leaving us comments.Just stop.I really don't even know if I want to be on witty anymore if this is going to keep happening ever single day.

Never allow
yourself to be so
desperate that you
end up settling for
far less than what
you deserve.
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