Quotes added on Wednesday, March 13 2013

Jealousy's the ugliest trait. And I just happen to have that trait. Yay for me.
I dont know what it is..
Maybe it's your eyes.. your mysterious eyes,
Maybe it's your hair.. your perfectly messy hair..
Maybe it's the way you walk, so young yet so old..
Or .. Maybe it's everything.
i have unlimited texting and limited internet.. please tell me how this makes sense..
I'm trying so hard to get over you for her sake. But it's not that easy. I've been trying to for months. And you asked for anther chance. But I turned you down. Told you to move on when I couldn't. And I still can't. But I guess you can. But I'll always be here waiting for you.
yeah sometimes what I add isnt a quote get over it, your new to witty get to know how witty works, not everyone is gonna post an actual "quote" so shut up
If someone really loves you
they won't make you feel like
you need to constantly fight for their attention
The trouble with fiction is it makes too much sense.

Reality never makes sense.
If you don't live for something, you'll die for nothing
This quote does not exist.
People were created to be loved,
Things were created to be used,
The reason why the world is in chaos,
is because things are being loved,
and people are being used
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