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Lets go out and make possibilities together.
You and me.

She cries the tears of an angel
While he laughs the laugh of a demon.
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Someday we'll look back at our Twitter accounts, our
Tumblrs, our Witty Profile accounts or whatever, and we'll be taken back. Back to the old days. We'll read our old posts, quotes, & tweets. We'll laugh, smile, or shake our heads. We don't know it now, but someday, these will be memories.

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"You lied when you said yes"
This quote does not exist.

Everyone wants to be


awkward moment when your favorite sports players number is the same as your ex boyfriends football number.

anxiety is really not nice
   Aided by an Angel

Chapter Twenty ; PART I
Miracle's POV:

   "Oh, Styles! I'm back!" My voice rang through the quite hotel room as I entered. He was no where to be found as I crept into the living room. Odd. "Parker? You here?" A loud sigh emerged from the bedroom as I floated towards the doorway.
   "Hey," He kept his gaze locked on the ugly, green carpet. Why wouldn't he look at me? "Where have you been? I've been worried sick." His voice was serious and deeper than usual.
   "I just went out for a walk. Look what I brought you back though?" I shoved the somewhat still froze drink in front of his face and gave it a shake. "C'mon, you can't stay mad at me when I bring you something back, now can you?" My voice grew high, like I was coaxing a child. With a slight tap of the back of his hand, he swatted the drink out of his face and proceeded to leave the room.
   "You can't just do that, Mir."
   "Excuse me, but when did you become my father?" I slammed the drink down on a side table in the room; sticky, pink slush splattered on it like paint. That'll be fun to clean up. It'll be dried by the time I get to clean it because I have a feeling, after this fight, I'll have to leave and blow some steam off. I followed Parker out to the living room where he just took a seat on the sofa and stuck his face between his legs.
   "You're all I've got out here and I'm sorry for worrying about you." He spit through his teeth. "That's typically what happens when you care about someone."
   "You don't have to worry about me, Parker. I'm a big girl. I think I can handle myself."
   He stood up to be taller than me. He was trying to be parental like everyone else has done when we got in this fight. This has been the same battle I've been fighting for the last ten years of my life."You just don't get it! You-" I was so sick of this fight.
   "No, you don't get it Parker. Ever since Lilli died, everyone has kept me in a box and never let me free. So when you came out here with me, I thought you would be the last person to treat me like that." I was screaming at him now.
   "Miracle, why can't you just understand that we want to keep you safe? Especially me? You just leaving without telling me where you were going scared me! I mean, it's a pretty big city and anything could've happened to you. I was worried." He got closer and closer with each word he said. The thought of kissing Parker ran through my mind; weren't those angry kisses supposed to be the best? It quickly was brushed out of my mind when my sexy boyfriend's lips crossed my mind.
   "Well maybe I should just leave forever, huh?" I stomped towards the door and swung it open. "I'd give everyone one less person to worry about, now wouldn't it?" I slammed it shut, as hard as I could and took off down the hallway, barefoot.
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