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Every day.
          Every second of the day.
                                  It never ends.
I'm not sure who I am anymore.
Am I good?
Am I bad?
Am I real?
Am I fake?
Who knows because I sure as hell don't.
The awkward moment when my brother falls off of the couch... I mean, how do you fall off of a couch!?

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before you walk into my life,
you need to know something about me. I'm a very insecure person, I have a very low self esteem, and I'm not perfect. I am everything but perfect. I find it hard to trust people now. I've made mistakes in the past, and i've learned to live with them. I've learned to accept people for who they are, its not that hard. Sometimes, I can't be bothered anymore. Sometimes, I dont even wanna be alive, but the thing is. I have a million reasons to be alive. I just havent found them yet. I miss the people i shouldn't be thinking about. I've liked, I've loved, and I've been hurt. I've hurt people. I'm not perfect, but hey this is me. And before you walk into my life, you need to know these things. Because once you're in my life, you can't just walk out of it when things are getting complicated. Just like all the others did.
Does anyone else click one video only to watch a series of similar videos?
 Hi my name's Holly, and this is my story.
A couple months ago I got into a skiing accident and messed my knee up pretty badly. I have already had one surgery and will be getting another one very soon. I play a lot of sports including soccer, hockey, softball and I ski. In the moment of the accident I knew something bad had happened but didn'tknow just how bad until later.. I learned soon after that I would be out of sports for the next 6 months and I'd be on crutches for quite a while. I instantly started crying when I found this out because hockey is my passion and to not be able to play it is one of the worst things I have even had to deal with. It was also right before my hockey team was going to states. It just so happened that the weekend of states was the same time I got my first surgery and I wouldn't be able to see my team even play. The day after surgery I got home I came home to a basket of gifts from my hockey team whom I had only started playing with this year. I felt soo loved and managed through the pain the next day to go see them win states. When they won the game a wave of happiness filled me and they made a point to come over and make sure I was in the pictures with them. I was however also very sad because this ment they were going to California for Nationals within a few weeks and I wouldn't be able to go. I still am very upset by this but I am more proud to be able to say that I have has the privilage to play with a very talented group of young ladies. I am soo blessed they accepted me on to their team and as a friend.  Dispite not being able to play in Nationals for hockey I also will not be able to play softball this year. Last softball season I was awarded First Team All Northern as a Freshman which is very rare and hard to do. I'm not trying to brag or anything but I am a pretty decent softball player and a big part of the team. I also don't know if I will be able to play soccer this coming year which sucks because I've sat the bench the last two years with my coach promising me that this year and my senior year I'll be the starting goalie; I might not be able to do that now. In short I went from being an All-Star athlete to being bed-ridden in a matter of seconds. So, in one moment of my own stupidity, I learned a lesson; no matter how much you think you are indistructable, YOU ARE NOT. It is ok to push your limits but bear in mind that this may come with consequences. In these last couple months, even though they have been hard for me, I have also learned many things. I've learned the value of BEING PATIENTwith others, and yourself. I've learned to accept help more: even if you want to be independent you have to accept halp when you need it. I've also learned to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE and to work for your well-being. I have learned many more lessons but the biggest one I think I have learned is that NO MATTER HOW BAD YOUR LIFE IS, ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL OF WHAT YOU HAVE and DON'T DWELL ON WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE. I have temporarily lost my ability to play sports let alone walk but I think about the things I can do and I am grateful that I can someday do these things again. My point of this quote is to share my story and hopefully inspire some of you to be grateful of what you have and be considerate of what others are going through in life. If you are still reading this thank you and you're perfect just the way you are <3
Anybody know any good tips to being yourself?? I'm lost here.
                       You know how you think your boy just loves and no one else well think again you cant think your boy  just love you cause a boy acually has no buessiness being in you life if he likes someone else cause then later on he will just break up with you anyway if he asked that other girl out it will just ruein your own life and his because he will be breaking up with the awsomest girl ever and you wont even feel bad because you made a horeable choice in the first place
Smile while you can in life and be happy and smile while you have teeth because when you get much older and lose all your teeth you wont be able to smile and you will only be able to open your rotting mouth and did you see where this
was going because i did not.
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