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I am not crazy, and weird, and loud, because I am annoying.

I am crazy, and weird, and loud, because I am afraid to be

i'm never good enough for anyone
never have been
never will be

Anyone want an 

BravoSierra's format


When I look into your eyes, it's like watching a night sky or a beautiful sunrise, theres so much they hold.
*logs out of witty for 3 months *
*logs back in after 3 months*
*1 new follower*
Me-Yay *falls off chair*
*Looks At Followers Name* , "Guy_With_A_Knife"
My Face - (._. ) "MOM WHERES THE BAT !"

Okay Guys,
So as you may know, Friday, April 6th, 2013 is a very special day for us.
Is it somebody's birthday, you ask?
No, not really. More of an anniversary.
The 10th anniversary of Witty Profiles, actually.
Can you guys believe it?
I only joined last year, but I'm proud to be here.
So on the 6th, whaddaya guys say we throw Wittyprofiles.com
A birthday party?
Here's what I'm thinking:
Everyone will log on as often as they can on that day, and post as many quotes as they can,
and write messages to Steve,
and write the Witty Profiles logo on everything we can, including ourselves,
and change our Facebook, Tumblr, etc. profile pics to the Witty logo,
and tell people we know about Witty.
We have the power to make this happen.
Spread the word and add your name below if you're in!
Have a happy Witty Day, everyone!!

Best Friends are Forever.
Until they find a guy.
What could go wrong,
just a cut, just a scar
just a 
 pilljust a high,
just  a drink, just a little drunk,
it will pass, it will fade,
maybe one day,
i will be okay,
but for now,
im not,
just a jump, who will care,
just a few, maybe more,
a little deeper, wont live with the scars,
whats wrong with me,
cant do anything,
oh well,
sit here hiding away,
me and a blade,
here it is, this my final day.
Hows everyones day going so far?

I hope you're having an amazing day
I hate it when my eyes get all red and everyone knows I've cried.
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