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     Aided by an Angel

Chapter Twenty-Three
Miracle's POV:

   We pulled into the driveway of Is and Eric's house. As a child, I was more than familiar with this property and now it was foreign to me. Momma would always bring Lilli over her to play with Mickey and I'd tag along. They always included me, the little, annoying sister, in their games and that made me feel important. I didn't have anyone my own age to play with except Darcy, but whenever I could choose between playing with her or my sister, I'd pick my sister.
   "Come on inside, Miracle!" Mickey grabbed me by my wrist and drug me into their home. I looked around and mostly everything was the same. The living room was still painted the same shade of blue it was ten or so years ago and the black and white tiles of the kitchen floor sparkled like new still. Addy and Kate were sat on the sofa, watching reruns on the television until they spotted me.
   "Miracle!" They hopped off and darted to me to embrace me in their tiny arms. They've gotten so big! The last time I saw them in person, they were just two years old. Now they had long, golden hair and a developing maturity growing in their faces. "Sam, Miracle's here!" Oh wow, now come to think of it, I haven't even seen Sam all this time.
   "Who?" He was still in his pajamas and looked like he had just woken up. He was all grown up now and it made me feel old for some reason. "Oh, Lilli's sister? I remember you!" He came up and hugged me while his sister's eyes burned him. They didn't like that he mentioned Lilli, but what they didn't know was that I was okay with Lilli being brought up. I liked it when she was brought up. It meant she wasn't forgotten.
   "Samuel Theodore Harper, did you just get out of bed, young man?" Isabella came in and tossed her car keys into a bowl by the front door and Eric followed behind her. "You were supposed to be watching the girls this whole time!" She started to run around the kitchen, gathering things to make us all some food. Sam started to argue with his mother about how he was out late with his friends last night and, let me tell you, Is wasn't intending on letting him with that arguement.
   Addy, Kate, and Mickey had led me over to the sofa to rest a second, but I couldn't help but stare at Eric. Not in that way, but I was taking note of how he looked at my Aunt Is. He looked at her with love  in his eyes and just smiled bigger and bigger every time she opened her mouth. In my own opinion, they have been the best love story I have ever known in my life. I'd say Momma and Daddy were, but I was only an infant when they split up.
   "Here, let's sneak away," The four of us crept into Mickey's room and took a seat on her bed. The last time I was in here she had boy band posters plastered on her light pink walls. Her room, now, was a dark shade of magenta with black detailing and moldings around the room. Her comforter was zebra printed and so was the large, areal rug spread across the hard wood floor.
   "Still got a thing for pink, I see?"
   "A girl could never out grow the pink that flows through her veins!" The only thing that hasn't changed about this house was the personalitites of the people in it. They never changed and, hopefully, never will. Mickey's thumbs violently tapped on her cell phone and I asked her who she was texting, "My boyfriend, Nate. I invited him over for brunch so yous could meet!"
   "Girls, come out here so we can all spend time with Mir!" Eric called to us. One by one we filed out of the room and took a seat at their kitchen table. Mickey was to my right and Kate to my left. Isabella had served us all eggs and bacon before starting to clean up the mess she had made. When she leaned over to place the food on Eric's plate, he gently grabbed her arm and pulled her in for a sweet kiss, telling her how much he loved her. The adornation he had for her was incredible. I wish Momma had a love like that. Maybe she did before me, but I'd never know; she never talks about things like that with me and I've always been afraid to ask.
   "Yanno," Mickey started. "That's the same spot Lilli would always sit in when she'd eat here." I smiled and felt my cheeks blush a little. Was that an indirect way of telling me I reminded her of Lilli? Cause that's how I'm going to take it.
   The rest afternoon went beautifully. Nate had showed up soon after Is was done cleaning up her kitchen. He was tall, dark, handsome; basically everything that Mickey was which made me understand why they worked well together. They made a beautiful couple and I was putting my money on them getting married someday. Mickey leaned into Nate's shoulder just like Is leaned into Eric's. Yeah, it was true love. I just knew it.
   We lingered at the table for a good half hour after we were all done eating. But when they started to clean up, Sam had taken everyone's dishes and washed them in the sink for his mother. "Thank you, Sam." She gave him a squeeze and a kiss on the head, then returned to her house work. Eric had left for work, but not without leaving Is with another kiss and telling her how much she meant to him. When I saw how they loved each other and how Nate loved Mickey, it reminded me of how Parker and I had treated each other. I missed him.
   As if on cue, my iPhone buzzed in my lap. I rushed to answer it, thinking it was Parker saying good morning. It wasn't though. I hadn't recognized the number, but he let me know who he was. "Hey, I hear you're in town? - Brad x"

Thanks for reading, Loves! Dun dun duuuuuuun! Brad?!?!? Do y'all remember who Brad is? Well, if you don't, he was Lilli's boyfriend. He was also the boy Lilli was in the car accident with. Thank you all for reading my newest story You & I & Her on my wattpad. It'd mean the world to me if you read it, if you haven't already! I'll leave a link below for it! Btw, last chapter I mis-numbered or whatever. It should've been 22 instead of 21, sorry!! Oh, and on a finaly, most important note: I LOVE BOWTIEANDFEZZES AND SHE IS AN AMAZING FRIEND SO YOU SHOULD ALL FOLLOW HER ON WITTY AND ON HER LITTLE MIX TUMBLR ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)xx

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I think that they are all right , I'm a wh/ore
This quote does not exist.
why can't I be skinny?

that's all I want.
This quote does not exist.
Everytime You Say I Love You
You Set Something Off Inside Me,
&& I Jut Fall For You All Over Again.
I want to have that moment with someone,
I wouldn't care who you are.
I want to be in the pouring rain,
With feelings that seem bizarre.
This quote does not exist.

my wish for you,
  is that this lifebecomes
                  all that you want it  to.

and here I am again eating away all my feelings . I hate this I hate how I can't be normal.
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