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This is the SLOWEST I have ever taken things...

But he is worth it.
Even if he does fall asleep during movies at his house.
I'm so tired of feeling "used" by you..
This quote does not exist.
That moment when the opening of a show spoils every thing for you 
A girl can like a guy for a minute and remember him forever. A guy can like a girl for a minute and forget her instantly.


Super White Girl Problems #2060
You know it's a
good story when it starts
with "So, this b-tch. . ."



I advise it, but have never done it.

Starting off as friends;
Totally pays off.
To her father , she's the happy little girl she always was.
To her mother, she's the lazy bad girl she always was.
To her brother, she's the annoying little brat that wouldn't leave him alone.
To her friends, she was the shy girl who was afraid to talk.
To her bestfriend, she's was the crazy out going girl who was always by her side.
To her boyfriend, she was the most beautiful girl that he could ever love and call mine.
To her teachers, she was the down to earth straight A student
            To herself, she was the worthless girl that nobody loves. The girl that nobody will cry for. The girl who was a shattered mirror that was a banded. The girl who wanted to take her life away in a flash.
my quote

I asuprised nonoyou guys artalking
about bringing back the 'Top Ever' section. I honestly miss it.


Do I matter to you?



There you go again, with your one word replies. I hate those. I hate that I respond to you, and I hate that I sit around and wait for them.


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