Quotes added on Tuesday, April 9 2013

We're not broken, just bent
and we can learn to love again..

When you log into to Witty the next morning
and you have no notifications
and you're all like......
"Do they look at my profile before they look at the quote?"
You don't know what true pain until you're staring at yourself in the mirror with tears as cold as ice streaming down your face and you're begging yourself to hold on and be strong just a little longer.

That is pain.


And the rain cries
the tears I cannot shed
In NYC, 41% don't make it out alive.
This quote does not exist.
just because you don't think you're worth it, doesn't mean you're right, because you do matter
I wonder who on witty all lives in farm towns and who lives in cities

like for farm town conmet for cities
Being skinny won't fix your problems.

but nobody knows.
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