Quotes added on Thursday, April 11 2013

I don miss him.
I miss who I thought he was.
So I know this sounds stupid and lame..
But I told myself I was done with guys , and I was pretty happy that He would be the last guy I would have kissed.. or cuddle.. or loved..
But then ,
My closest guy friend .. kissed me.
And I'm just I don't even know, upset ?
Because now , He isn't the last guy I kissed or had feelings for..
And of course..
Now I was thinking ; okay fine .. ill give love one last chance ..
But no.. my guy friend doesn't want that..
This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.
you said were just friends but act the opposite, 
please stop giving me mixed signals,
i am getting whiplash. =(
Do you see what you look like in the mirror?

Because to me, you look like perfection.
Chords that were broken will vibrate once

                     YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE
               ONCE IS ENOUGH         


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Sometimes there are words you need to say in order to make a situation better.

Like, " i'm sorry." and " i miss you."

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