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Yesterday I saw the most weirdest scene ever:
It was Student-Led Conferences at my school, my crush was waiting for his turn (with his mom), and his mom started stroking his hair. Right in front of me. I nearly died.

"I think that's the reason they say *commit* suicide. Because you don't just do it, you commit yourself to it. Completely. If you commit suicide, there's nothing you can do to reclaim yourself; you're already gone. It truly is a commitment."

* Lay her down ,
Kiss her neck
Don't let her move ;
& Tell her you love her.
You said i love you

Dont say it

Unless you mean it

"Never rush to make any conclusion
when it comes to understanding someone’s character
if there is enough noise of the people outside
the voice of commotion inside."

~Anuj Somany

&Hopefully someday soon the memories will all just be a blur, Every second I spent on you, will mean no more. You had my heart, my all.. Now your nothing more than writing on the wall.. I gave you everything I had, now I just wish you would feel sad.. Just an ounce of what I have to live with everyday, then maybe this will all just go away.. You used to consume my heart, now I cant wait for us to part. No more lies, no more games, I'm taking down every memory of you thats captured in frames.

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                                            I get to go to college. ♥

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