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My friends turned into enemies, even my best friend. I had no idea why I was the one they hated or what I could do to make it all better. I didn't fit in anywhere.

You have the right to need things from others. 
You have the right to put yourself first sometimes.
You have the right to feel and express your emotions or your pain.
You have the right to be the final judge of your beliefs and accept them as legitimate.
You have the right to your opinions and convictions.
You have the right to your experience - even if it’s different from that of other people.
You have the right to protest any treatment or criticism that feels bad to you.
You have the right to negotiate for change.
You have the right to ask for help, emotional support, or anything else you need.
You have the right to say no; saying no doesn’t make you bad or selfish.
You have the right to not justify yourself to others.
You have the right to not take responsibility for someone else’s problem.
You have the right to choose not to respond to a situation.
You have the right to sometimes inconvenience or disappoint others.

one of the reasons i hate  Shopping is because

i'm insecure
i'm never able to find something that i feel fits right on  my chubby torso and my arms and shoulders never look right in tops, jackets, or dresses.my thighs are too big for skinny jeans and shorts and when wearing stuff above my knees my shins are so bruised from sports( which i don't really mind as much). i see stuff that i think is cute but then i can't see myself wearing it because i don't typically wear stuff like that and it doesn't sit right on me. idk i mean everyone always thinks girls love shopping but i honestly hate it because it makes me feel like cr*p ,not to mention everything is made for twigs and s/uts and me being tall doesn't help with the length of everything( i swear they think all girls are under 5'4" and i'm 5'7") ughh the only good thing is now i'm motivated to slim down this summer cuz i'm really uncomfortable with my weight ( not like i'd every stop eating cu food's amazing) but i just feel like i don't fit in and not in a good way, it's frustrating because half of it is my build. i have broad shoulders and big hips. another thing is that all the cute bathing suits are bikinis and i'm not comfortable with my stomach enough to show it. ughhhh:( shopping just puts me in a cr*ppy mood( wow another thing that makes me stand out... wonderful)
"Worthless" repeats in her mind as she holds on to what's left of her.
This is just another chapter in the book of me and you.
So I just spent the last half hour ,
Writting a 5 page thing about you ;
& about our memories..
It hurt.. but it felt so good to get it out.
Once a young girl was found her bathroom floor with nothing but an empty bottle of pills - not even a pulse left. What an ironic story; the pills that she was told to take by the nice doctor in white, were all swallowed down at once and took away her life. - g.a.h
Him: You're just a dumb b/tch that will never be loved
Me: I know...)':

I guess i deserved that one, for p!ssing you off im sorry /:
Please   do  me this one small thing
i hope its not to much to ask
i may not take my  own advice
but  do not forget to 


because it  could save you some day
i swear it will!

trust me :)

What a wonderful
we are having this
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