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a shot to kill the pain
a pill to drain the shame
a purge to stop the gain
a cut to break the vein
a smoke to ease the crave
a drink to win the game
an addiction's an addiction
because it always hurts the same
Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Did someone break your heart inside, you're in ruins
Extra fries.


Prologue for: Sweet Sympathy

With a final huff he looked at me. In his grey green eyes you could see every emotion going through his mind. Anger, torment, anguish, betrayal, defiance, love….. His lips were pressed together into a thin frown showing the slightest hint of dimples. Cupping his cheek slightly I pressed myself up onto my tip toes and kissed his lips with as much passion as I could muster from my awkward stance. After a few moments he started to let his hands lift and left them to linger on my sides as he helped me press myself upward. Giving the kiss a few more eternal moments, I realized I had to pull away and say the words we both dreaded. Looking up into his big eyes
I whispered “I have to go now…….
They say the Savior city isn’t as bad as it seems,
maybe you could visit…..
Sometime after the wedding”
Backing out of his embrace I felt myself starting to wobble. Not here. Not now. I told myself, I had to look strong or he would pull me back in and I would never leave. Going away from Amias, was like being torn to pieces by savage beasts. But if I didn’t go to the Savior city today, they would come back tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. At least, until the prince lost patience and chose to kill me and have a new queen chosen. This was my curse. This is what I earned for having above average looks. The king himself had chosen me out of tens and thousands of other girls. He said “why yes, she will make a beautiful queen. The prince will love her”. Ever since that day I have cursed the world, and every god anyone believed in for making me pretty. My Auburn hair, green eyes, small build, and pale complexion made me a rarity among the tan, strong built, brown hair, brown eyed girls of our country. Now I was walking into my uncertain future. And meeting this spoiled prince who had to have a bride chosen and cared nothing for love, it was scaring me senseless. Straightening my posture I walked faster toward my waiting carriage. Climbing up the few steps I heaved myself inside. Careful when the carriage drove by where Amias stood, not to look.
Authors Note: new story i decided to write at like midnight last night. decided i kind of liked it and would post it. 
Hope you like it. 

All you got to do is

unwrap it.

In Love with You
(Since alot of people have wanted a story in which the main character falls in love with the reader, I thought I'd give it a shot. So this is what I came up with. If you guys like it,I'll be more than glad to continue it. :) ) 

It was at the opening of the first page, that I was mesmerized by you. The first glimpse I had of you, was when you had your golden-brown hair tied up in a messy bun, and your glasses hung crookedly at the ridge of your nose as you intently started reading. I noticed as time passed that you only wore glasses at home, but I thought they only served to compliment your emerald green eyes. I remember the first day you started reading my story, you comfortably sat on your couch curled up in a blanket. Every day I saw you read, and realized that you slowly fell in love with me, well technically the character I was created to be. But to my unfortunate sorrow, you would never know that I, I fell in love with you too. 
I fell In love With Mickey Mouse (literally)

Chapter 9

I don't even know anymore.
Yeah, I would. But tonight I'll prove to you that I will never hurt you." He emphasised the word never. There were only two options, First, he really did like me. Second, he was just playing around. Right now, I felt confused. I wanted to go home, but at the same time I wanted to stay with him. We reached the highest floor, floor 32. I heard music and voices coming from the ceiling and felt a lot better.

"Now what?" I asked. 
"We need to use the ladder." He said as he pointed to the balcony. I followed him out the balcony.
"Micheal who are the people here?" I asked as he closed the balcony door. 
"They're mostly just family." He smiled. I took a breath of relief. 
"You climb up first so I will be sure that you won't fall." He said. I did as he said and began climbing the unstable medal ladder. 
"Are you're parents up there?" I asked trying to forget the fact that I could fall off.
"My mom, but not my dad." He answered.
" Where's your dad?" I asked hoping that he had a dad.
"He's in Afganstan." He said. I began laughing.
"No way, my dad's in Afganstan too" I said. Micheal didn't seem suprised by that.
"What's his name?" He asked.
"Marshal Rosingburg." I said 
"Is he blonde with brown eyes, redish face.?" He asked.
"Yes, do you know him?" I questioned
"Only seen him twice in my dad's pictures. He is a good friend of my father." He explained
"What is your dad's name?" I asked 
"Adriano Vicente, he's Italian." Micheal answered. 
"Man, you're Mr. Vicente's son." I said missing a step on the ladder. 
"Be careful Ella." He said as he pushed my foot up. 
"I love Mr. Vicente, he'd come to my house with my dad all the time when I was little. He'd cook pizza for us and everything." I said reaching the final steps.
"Sounds like he was a better dad to you than me." Micheal said. I wanted to ask Micheal what he meant by that, but we were already up the steps and on the roof. I looked away from the people at the party and waited for Micheal to get up. As soon as he was up, he held my hand and escorted me to the first person we saw. She was a pretty white girl with rasberry red hair. She was wearing a black dress and no shoes. She smiled as she noticed Micheal and I walk to her.

"Mikey!" She screeched as she gave him a big hug. Micheal rolled his eyes as she hugged him. I could tell Micheal was uncomfortable so I tried to help him. 

"its okay to let go you know..he's not going to runaway." I teased.

"Oh, you don't know Mike well enough. He always runs away from me." She said hugging him tighter.

"I wonder why." I muttered with a sarcastic tone. Micheal burst into laughter and the girl let go of him.

"What's so funny?" She asked twirling her hair. I shook my head trying not to laugh. Micheal's laugh was so adorable and contagious. It was the type of laughter that would cause you to laugh even if you had no idea what was going on. 

"Um, Ella...this is Addy my cousin. Addy this is my life, Ella." He said as me and Addy shook hands. I didn't know which statement shocked me the most. The fact that this thing was his cousin or the fact that Micheal just called me his life.

"Oh your life? and how long have known your life?" She asked with a hint of anger in her voice.

"A couple hours." He said. She frowned at us and walked away. 

"Wow." I laughed

"She's a keeper huh?" Micheal teased. I noticed a cute brunette walk up. She was wearing sweat pants and a tank. 

"Hey guys!" She grinned

"Hi Katlynn." Micheal said. She gave both of us a nice hug.

"So, I heard she's your life." She said as she nodded at me.

"Wow, Addy broke her own record." Micheal said. Katylnn nodded.

"Well you've certainly made a good choice Micheal." Katylnn said with a smile. Later we met Micheal's mom and I realized who Micheal got his face from. His mom Sarah, was beautiful but, she spoke little English because she was Brazilian. 

This quote does not exist.
I smilall day. It feels great. When I get home, I'll cry, either in the shower, or in my room with the door closed. It helps me vent. Each tear represents a different emotion, and when they've all fallen and dried, I feel better. Then, I find that smile again and use it all day long. Sometimes I need to put it away and let the tears take their course.  
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