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Thank you, God. I can never thank you enough. <3
I think tonight I found out that You are the one thread
keeping my heart from being ripped completely in two,
and with that knowledge, well, I think I may be ok after all.



Don't you get it?
You're so beautiful.

This quote does not exist.
I'm 95 pounds of NOTHING... :'(
bestfriendforever :(
This quote does not exist.
Do not test the stereotype that gingers have short tempers.
I will go from sweet to satanic in a matter of .666 seconds
This quote does not exist.
You know what people cut? Because it s a distraction. For one moment you feel all the pain, the loss, the hurt. All you feel is the razor going into your skin, the blood dripping down your arm, leg, Stomach. You don't think about how alone you are or how fat and ugly you are. You don't think about the way people talk about you behind your back you don't think about how your family or your friends hate you. All you think about is the blood. And the addictive part? Well that's when all the hurt and pain comes back. When the cut isn't fresh and you feel all the build up if sadness and loneliness inside you. So you have to do it again, but a little deeper so the numbness will last longer. The pain inside will be delayed longer. And you have to make the pain outside worse you have to make the pain outside worse and worse. It's all about control. You have it. You can't control the pain inside so you get to control it on the outside.
my name is Delaney, i am currently taking an online counselling course & working with my highschool counsellor.  If anyone needs to talk or get something off their chest please feel free to comment and i willing to talk :) xo
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Do you know what that means? It's a textual repentaion for a visual hand symbol. Thumb, index, and pink finger up, middle finger and ring finger down and clenched in. Do you know what it means?  It's sign language for "I love you," and aslo, now known for Stand For the Silent, an anti-bully project, that means:
I support you, and I will always have your back. Stand for the silent was created when Kirk's 11 year old son, Ty Smalley, commited suicide due to bullying.
Local teenagers, just like you and I, had heard what happened, and created a group. Today, Kirk came to talk to my school. It one was of the 23 schools in the united states that he had picked. This expirance for me was lifechanging. The mission: stop bullying. Here, on witty, most of us have had to face bullies. People, WE CAN BE THE CHANGE. You know who else is in on this project? Predident Obama, and his wife. Oh yeah, and Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga cares about YOU. Please, do some research on this and find ways to increase awareness on bullying. Bring this to your school's attetion. We can be a part of the change to end bullying. Did you know, Kirk has a list of 900 kids in the world that have commited suicide because of bullying? And that's just the one's he has. There are many more. Did you know, the youngest person on that list was six years old? six. That poor boy will remain six forever. Did you know, every SEVEN SECONDS someone in the world is being: abused, neglected, harrassed, embarassed, humiliated, and in a sum of it all, bullied. Every. Seven. Seconds. If you want to stop this, take this pledge. Ready? Here we go:

"From this day forward I promise to respect those around me, as well as

respect myself. I AM SOMEBODY, and I can make a difference. I can make

another feel loved. I can be the helping hand that leads another back to  a path

of hopeand apsiration. I WILL NOT STAND SILENT as others try to spread

hatredthrough my community. Instead, I pledge to lift up these victims and

show themthat their lives matter. I will be the change because


I love you all. I always have your back. lmL

Stand For The Silent


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