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Is anyone else scared that your friends will judge you if you like someone....... I am
It's funny how some girls are like: 
"I deserev the same rights. Sexism is wrong. Men treat us badly." 
But then they are also like: 
"No we can't split the bill, I'm the girl. He didn't even open the door for me. Guys are suposed to ask the girl out, not the other way around." 
This quote does not exist.
Everything about me sucks~~
You're a brony!!!!!!!! No respect


When I first met him ,
I knew in a moment,
I would have to spend a few
days re arranging my mind,
So there'd be
room for him to stay.
most people want a perfect relationship.....
i just want a chicken burger that looks like the one in commercials

Singing  radiohead  at  the  top  of  our  lungs,
with the boom box blaring as we're falling in
I got a bottle of whatever, but its getting us drunk,

I want everyone of my followers or even just people who see this quote, to comment on it if you have ever tried to harm yourself and I want you to comment how and why.
I appreciate your cooperation. Thank you.
do headphones just tie themselves in knots when im not looking?
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