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One cut, two cut, three cut, four,
her body falls to the floor,
five cut, six cut, seven cut, eight,
who knew she would recieve so much hate?
nine cut, ten cut, eleven cut, twelve,
darkness has come, she's gone to hell



  w/r/i/s/t/s                             e
r/i/b/s                                        v
            s/t/o/m/a/c/h            e
   h/i/p/s                                     y
t/h/i/g/h/s                              w/
        k/n/e/e/s                         e
                  c/a/l/v/e/s            r
     f/e/e/t                                  e

did you say y.o.l.o?

sweety im African

its hakuna matata 

This quote does not exist.

I stare into empty space
As tears fall down my face
I felt the knife go through my heart
I’m sure you liked that part
You see that I’m upset
Try to calm me, like a pet
But I just want to go away
To stop pretending everything’s okay
I used to laugh and smile
Honestly, it’s been a while
Too many new scars
Trapping me with invisible bars
Since my world was shattered
I keep wondering if I even matter
And when you walk out the door
My heart’s in peices on the floor.

If someone feels that they had never made a mistake in their life, then it means they had never tried a new thing in their Life
My Niece Knows When Something's Wrong.
She'll Grab My Arm && Rub It When I'm Upset,
Or When Shes Uncomfortable.
I'm The Only Person She's Done This With.
We Have This Bond.. && She's Only 3.
This quote does not exist.
Everything happens for a reason..
You're just JEALOUS that the VOICES only talk to ME.
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