Quotes added on Friday, April 26 2013

I don't get why some people like hashtag so much, it's just the number symbol
I don't suck at singing

Your ears are just broken.



                                   The truth is...Im to much of a coward to take my own life...                   
And now it hurts inside to walk around school everyday and see you happy with your perfect girlfriend. 

Yeah, it hurts a lot.
These eyes hide all my worries.
And this smile hides all these lies.
He says do whats best for you,
And in my head im thinking...
Whats best for me is, you...
my mom has always said that if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it...my mom is stupid
Alone in my dark hell i created...
where the only warmth is the tears running down my face...
And i can hear are my silent cries for help...
Where im left to fade into the darkness around me....
and simply become your shadow...
a forgotten ghost that never existed...
But at least you wont cry when im gone...
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