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Every story, new or ancient;
bagatelle or work of art.
All are stories of human failing.
All are tales of love at heart.

i dont get to go parties anymore,
i just watch my facebook newsfeed erupt with people posting stuff about them going to parties.
Comment needs "mouth"


Appreciation needs "heart

Some nights I 
lay out on the grass
and watch for 
shooting stars and
wish for you even 
though I've been 
doing it forever and
it still hasn't 
happened yet.

you know you've been watching TV for too long when
you remember how every song goes in a commerical
Maybe I will die tonight.

"I know how to play the guitar!"
Says the one who can only play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star...
This quote does not exist.

I still can't believe
The way you looked at me.


             DESCRIBE THE  COLOR    
   red [x[x[x] 
                            When you dip her in the middle of
                            the dance floor,
it is the color of her

                            When she whispers in your ear, it is
                            the color of her lips.

                            When you make love, it is the trace
                            you want her to leave all over your

                            When she places her palm over your 
it is the color that come to the
                            surface as her fingertips trail like a
                            sentence that can never be finished.

                            When you see her in your bedroom
                            with another,
it is the color of your

                            When you smash the vase in the hall,
it is the color that threatens you to
                            abandon the shattered pieces.

                            when you scream at the top of your
it is the color that pierces the

                            When she hears you, it is the color
                            of her pulse.

                            When you look into her eyes for the
                            last time,
it is the fading color of
                            your heart falling to your knees.

                            It is not the color you see when
                            she leaves.

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