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How to survive a horror movie 9.

dont go into the attic/basement
The moment when you look back at the things that entertained you as a little kid and say "WTF!"
Dora the Explorer,
Care Bears,
Hanna Montana (Huge wtf),
Elmo/Sesame Street,
American Dragon : Jake long,
Lizzie McGuire,
Suite Life of Zack and Cody (not the worst),
Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.

When I was a kid:

"You aren't going to my party" Was the worst insult ever.

"I'm telling mom!" Was the scariest sentence ever.

"I don't know what crayon to use!" Was the hardest desicion ever.


I'm not yours and you're not mine,
We can sit and pass the time...


When I was 5
I wanted to be a princess
When I was 7
I wanted to be a ninja
When I was 10
A wizard
When I turned 13
A musician
And now
I want to be anything I can be
as long as it gets me out of here
and isn't it sad that once you get older
dreams don't matter as much
as escaping does?


This quote does not exist.
"i don't want college girls thinking ' oh he looks like a painted african child.'"
Broken heart....
                            Broken mind....
                                                           Broken soul....

The only thing left to break is my will to live....
if you're a directioner and you want a personal 1D imagine, ask me here on tumblr or if you don't have a tumblr, just tell me and i'll write one for you on your profile!


i just need your name, your 1D guy, and a situation/scenario! :)


she was drowning      
but nobody saw her  struggle                  

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